Monday, September 28, 2009

Out of Sync

It's almost 1 A. M. and I'm downloading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I went to bed hours ago, but my body is on a sleep a few hours-get up and wring your hands for a few hours while exhausted-sleep a few more hours schedule. I have a trip to the doctor tomorrow in Mobile. I meant to run by the library to get some books-on-CD, but alas, my plan did not come to fruition. You see, it was sunny today and warm. I am apparently a vampire. I am apparently exhausted because I do not partake of the human blood. Or it could just be the Lyme making the sunlight unbearable, and I can only do one thing a day. Today it was the ZOO...with the cub scouts. Boy, was it a zoo.

There were about one million people dressed in knee socks and polyester milling about. Maybe just a thousand. I'm not a good judge of quantity (or distance, now that I think of it.) Monkey and I went with friends. They are sweet and they made it totally bearable. If I had been alone I'm sure I would have had an anxiety attack. It was way too much stimulation and my Meniere's was acting up. It makes things feel so surreal. I'd love to tell you about all the fascinating animals, but I didn't really feel a connection today with the animals. Normally the sea lions are all goofy and happy and waving. Today they were just swimming around ignoring the crowd. There were Bengal Tigers. Or maybe just one Bengal, I'm not sure. He wasn't as big as I expected. After Life of Pi I expected something fierce and large and menacing. Not so much. He was just kind of skinny sunning himself behind a piece of glass. I didn't even catch his name. It would have been cool if he was named Richard Parker. I'll bet every tiger is named Richard Parker now. Kind of like Jennifer or Michael in 1970. Pretty soon everyone will get sick of it and go back to naming them all Hobbes I suspect.

I really enjoy the children's zoo with farm animals. You can get up close to them and not risk losing a limb. We didn't head that way today though. We just hit the monkeys, boring, the cats, boring, the reptiles, boring, the sea lions, uncooperative, and some exotic birds. Now the flamingos...were interesting a bit. You can reach out and touch them although I would not recommend it. Their beaks look like something from The Saw. Cute though. Tiny beady eyes on opposite sides of their head, and almost as tall as me. Lawn ornaments are apparently made on a 1:4 scale. Something to ponder considering garden gnomes...

I know, you're bored. Well, it's the middle of the night, and I'm just killing time. Cut me some slack. Someone needs to go to the grocery store around here. I hate the grocery store. Bright! Cold! Over stimulation! I also know that a trip to the grocery store is the only thing I'll be doing that day. Exhausting. See, you are normal. You have no concept of what I speak. Mom usually tackles the grocery store, but since she's been working seven days a week I'd feel kind of guilty asking her to do it. So we are being pretty creative around here for sustenance. Needless to say, we're totally out of condiments, dressings and dips. I mean, not Monkey though. He's on a strict I'll only eat such and such and since we have such and such he's covered.

We did go out to eat after the zoo. Iguana Grill. Mexican. Excellent! Monkey even ate a cheese quesadilla (I had to pay him a dollar.) I had three cheese and onion enchiladas and beans and rice. I still feel like someone water boarded me. I must learn to stop myself. Love Mexican though and all the hot sauces. We never eat out. We fast food, but not outside the comfort of our home. When I said, "We never eat out." Monkey said, "We did that one time. With Duncan." "True. That was in January at McDonald's. Not quite what I meant." He did good though. Maybe we'll try this more often. Going out to eat always involves showering and dressing. Bummer.

So I think my download is complete. I'm gonna try to go back to sleep for 3 more hours before I have to hit the road. Before I sleep I like to say thank you to God for everything about a hundred times. I like to remind myself that my body is just a vehicle for my energetic body. Even though my physical body feels broken, my spirit is not. We are all connected. I am a part of the Universe and it wants only good for me. Then I fall asleep and dream about snakes, about being too tired to finish high school for the millionth time (I did finish, why the recurring nightmare at age 39??), and maybe about kissing a boy. Sweet dreams. My boy is gonna be up at half past ass crack again tomorrow.

"Your iPhone is now done syncing".

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